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Flagships of the Line: A Celebration of the World’s Three-Funnel Liners

Flagships of the Line: A Celebration of the World's Three-Funnel Liners

Although some of the world's largest and most famous liners had four funnels, many consider two funnel vessels to be better examples of well-proportioned and balanced design, but for Milton Watson, as well as the countless thousands who sailed in them around the globe, it is the "three stackers" which epitomized fast and efficient ocean travel, often in considerable luxury. Most important for the shipping lines, as well as their passengers, the three funnels also inspired confidence in the reliability and safety of their flagships, so much so that many othewise single or double funnelled liners were built with dummy funnels simply to make up the number to the magical trio. Containing photographs and the leading dimensions of each ship, this book is both a vital reference work and a fitting celebration of the world's three funnel liners.

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PrimoChill - Threaded G 1/4 Funnel - Fill/Drain - Black

  • Material: ABS
  • Thread: G 1/4in. 
  • Funnel Opening Size: 2in.
  • Funnel Height: 1in.
  • Includes O-ring.
The PrimoChill - Threaded G 1/4 Funnel makes filling your system much easier. The G1/4 thread makes it compatible with most fill ports and reservoirs.

List Price: $ 6.25 Price: $ 6.25