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Landfill Dzine Women’s Flat Wedge Flip Flops 10 M US

Landfill Dzine Women's Flat Wedge Flip Flops 10 M US

  • The outer strap consist of zero waste upcycled irrigation hoses diverted from landfills in California. The under part of the strap that touches the foot is made using vegan friendly ultra soft Cotton blend micro fiber material.
  • The soles of the black flip flop sandals are made with soft textured smooth materials that form to your feet when wearing.
  • Our Light Weight green fashion Eco flip flop thong sandals will give your feet Instant Comfort
  • Landfill Dzine's flip flops wedge thong sandals are stylish, fashion forward as well as sustainable. Together we can all make a difference and prevent these hoses from going into landfills.
  • The outer straps material is called Layflat irrigation hose. Please note it will look like white cotton fibers are showing on the sides (it will look like its stringing, fraying etc. this is normal). Our Flip Flops Sandals Make a Difference. Materials we use for the fields of California
These Flip Flop Sandals feature upcycled layflat irrigation hose on the upper strap with soft cotton underneath. Each Flip Flop Strap is truly original since they are made from upcycled irrigation hoses that have feed the world. Landfill Dzine was created out of need! We felt these hoses deserved a second chance and stop them going into landfills. Thank you for reading about our flip-flops! Our shoes make a difference! Our Goal is to keep Layflat Irrigation Hoses out of landfills.

Price: $ 13.97

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