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cleargrill BEST BBQ GRILL LIGHT- new model,ultra bright,10 led lights to luminates your Barbecue When it’s dark outdoor,new sensitiv switch with 3 options to control of power,HEAT-RESISTANT 360 degree,Life Span 50,000hs

Luxury BBQ Grill Light W/10 ultra Bright Led Lights by ClearGrill. Illuminate Your Entire Outdoor Barbecue. 3 Brightness Levels, O Handle Mount. Durable Heat Resistant.


    - There are 10 ultra - bright led light bulbs with a life time of 50,000 hours. Luminous flux-cool around 100lm. This led light is built and designed in a special way to make your night/evening barbecue with your family and friends at a fun experience effortlessly. It will ensure that grilling meats will be perfect now that you have the perfect light.

  • GRILL LIGHT WORKS AT A TEMPERATURE - 518°f (270°c). Made of durable plastic abs. To ensure optimal functioning the grill light should be kept dry. It is not water proof but if you'll forget it outside and some rain falls on it - it will not cause any damage.
  • 2016 NEW MODEL EASY TO USE - with great improvements: New "sensitive switch function-100% lumen - 75% lumen - 10% lumen - off, this new function will save your battery life. New rotation angle - 360 degrees for full coverage of your grill. New screw clamp that can attach whether your grill feeds on gas, charcoal or chips. Fits most grills handle.
  • GREAT VARIETY OF USES WHEN CAMPING - Hang it on a tree limb, or on a tent pole or on your bike. At home you can use the grill light on your closet or for reading, because of its many uses its an incredible gift ideal for father/mother, husband/wife or your friend or for the barbecue master in the family.
  • 1 YEAR GUARANTY - Our customer service is a way of life. We sell only high quality products. Satisfaction guaranteed. Product refundable within 60 days from purchase. ClearGrill grill light comes in a luxury package includes: a screwdriver, 3 lithium batteries, user manual. and a free bonus: an eBook: Professional barbecuing tips will make you an expert quickly!!

Bright, Clear Led Light for a taste Barbecue...

When your having a BBQ in your back yard or outdoor you need your hands to flip, spread and eat,

you don't want to balance a flashlight or a light bulb you want the perfect light for the best BBQ.

With ClearGrill 10 Super Bright Led Lights Weather Resistant your days of making BBQ in the dark are over.

You get a O Handle Mount that you can attach to your BBQ, closet, tent etc

This is the last BBQ grill light you will ever buy!!!

Whether you want to use your grill in the late summer evening or fixing your car or light up your closet before going out - you need the right strong light to help you out,

• with ClearGrill Grill Light you get 10 Bright Led Lights, with energy-efficient LEDs that can illuminate for up to 50.000 hours in this grill light,

• 3 Brightness Levels, New "sensitive switch function-100% lumen - 75% lumen - 10% lumen

• 360 degrees for full coverage of your grill and a grill light that works at a temperature - 518f (270c).

made of durable plastic abs to ensure optimal functioning, weather resistant light for indoor or outdoor use.

YOUR FREE BONUS: Professional barbecuing tips that will make you an expert quickly!!

This ClearGrill product is sold with a full one money-back guarantee, Product refundable within 60 days from purchase.

If you're dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us for a 100% refund.

Try are grill light, Click "Add to cart Button" now! With No risk, and take your barbecue to another level!


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It’s not about the shoes it’s about what you do in them inspirational motivational basketball Quote Art Saying Lettering stencil Sticker wall decoration art

It's not about the shoes it's about what you do in them inspirational motivational basketball Quote Art Saying Lettering stencil Sticker wall decoration art

  • SIZE: 23"W x 13"H - Precise craftsmanship with Highest Quality Vinyl
  • *ITEM IS NOT A POSTER - COLOR: Matte Black - Great way to decorate any wall! Looks painted once applied to the wall!
  • Detailed installation and removal instructions included.
  • Actual size may slightly vary from picture, please refer to above size for exact dimensions.
  • All designs are Federally Copyrighted by Ideogram Designs - Made and shipped from the U.S.A
Instantly transform any room with our unique wall decals. Ideogram's wall decals are easy to install with our step by step instructions. Our wall decals look painted once installed! The easiest way to decorate any room in your house! Ideogram decals can be install on just about any smooth or lightly textured walls and glass surfaces. Durable to be installed both indoor and outdoor as well as on car windows. Our wall decals are removable, but not reusable. We only use the highest quality vinyl to create our wall decals for our customers!

List Price: $ 12.79 Price: $ 12.79