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abc WOW! – Kids’ Alphabet Flash Cards and Letters Song [Download]

abc WOW! - Kids' Alphabet Flash Cards and Letters Song [Download]

  • Interactive Letter Fun
  • Alphabet Song Sing-Along
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  • Teaches Letter Pronunciation
  • Features Lowercase Letters - the Letters for Reading

Colorful characters teach your child their lowercase letters and alphabet song in an irresistible way! Does your child love to tickle bunnies or chomp on cookies? This app lets your child do both! Transform “d” into a dog that barks, or turn the letter “i” into an ice cream cone, then add the cherry! Hear silly sounds, poke objects, and sing along! Your child will squeal with laughter while playing with the letters in “abc Wow!” The “abc Wow!” app makes innovations on early learning and child development using letter to object recognition. Designed with a kindergarten teacher’s guidance, “abc Wow!” teaches the lowercase letters - the letters most used for reading and writing. Objects shaped like their beginning letter magically appear, making a natural and intuitive bond between the letter shape, name, and usage. Fun music, vibrant artwork, captivating sound effects, and delightful animations make gameplay irresistible. This interactive app makes learning fun for all children learning their letters and sounds.

System Requirements:
  • Processor:  none
  • RAM:  none
  • Hard Disk:  none

List Price: $ 4.95 Price: $ 4.95

Jojo’s Fashion Show 2 [Download]

Jojo's Fashion Show 2 [Download]

  • Thousands Of Stylish Outfits.
  • Clothing Styles From Prom to Bollywood.
  • 75 Action Filled Levels.
  • Create Your Favorites In Dress-Up Mode.
Last season Jojo Cruz came out of retirement to take the fashion world by storm. With the help of her daughter Rosalind, Jojo used her impeccable eye for matching outfits to brighten runways around the world. Unfortunately, the new editor at FWD has strong opinions about elegance and it doesn't match the Cruz vision. Can Jojo and Rosalind work together in the face of new challenges? Return to the runway for a new season of high style with Jojo's Fashion Show 2!

List Price: $ 9.99 Price: $ 9.99

Super Star Spanish With Phonics [Download]

Super Star Spanish With Phonics [Download]

  • Bilingual program teaches Spanish to English-speaking students and Inglés to Spanish-speaking students
  • Teaches the Spanish/English Alphabet
  • Super Star Motivation and Tracking System
  • Ages 5 to Adult

Spanish 1a with Phonics / Inglés 1a con Fonética is a unique educational program presented in the context of enjoyable games and activities.

This bilingual program teaches Spanish to English-speaking students and Inglés to Spanish-speaking students. The focus is not on how many words you can memorize, but on the process of learning new words through recognizing the letter sounds and patterns. Rich in pictures, sounds, and animated illustrations, Spanish 1a with Phonics is sure to be the best way to begin to learn Spanish or Inglés.

Ages 4 and Up.

  • The Super Star Motivational and Data Tracking system, which encourages students to earn silver and gold stars by completing each song, activity, or game

  • Winner of the Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence

  • Includes versions for both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking students

    Topics Covered:
  • Recognizing the alphabet

  • Numbers up to 20

  • Colors

  • Days of the week

  • Common greetings and basic conversation

  • Connector words and accents

  • Animals

  • Food items

  • Ocean words

  • Weather words

  • Spelling

System Requirements:
Processor:  none specified
RAM:  none specified
Hard Disk:  none specified

List Price: $ 19.99 Price: