Contours Optima Tandem Stroller – Berkeley Reviews

Contours Optima Tandem Stroller, Berkeley (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Auto-lock and convenient Free-Stand allows the stroller to easily stand upright when folded
  • JPMA certified
  • Seats easily reverse to create 6 different stroller options -children can both face you- face each other- face forward- sit back to back- or you can use the stroller with just the front seat (& extra storage space in the back)- or use with some of the most popular infant car seats
  • Weight capacity up to 40 lbs. per seat
  • Extra-large storage basket holds everyone's gear
Contours Optima Tandem Stroller

The Contours Optima Tandem Stroller offers six seating options to provide a variety of comfortable positions, while front swivel wheels enable easy maneuvering. A large storage basket and four cup holders provide convenience to parents. The infant car seat attachment is compatible with most car seats.

Why You'll Love It: Contours Optima Tandem Stroller comes with a height-adjustable canopy to provide shade and protection.

  • Large storage basket
  • Front swiveling wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Rear never- flat wheels
  • Easy-trigger fold
  • Six seating options

List Price: $ 299.99 Price:

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3 thoughts on “Contours Optima Tandem Stroller – Berkeley Reviews

  1. David Cochran Post author
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Perfect, September 19, 2012

    This review is from: Contours Optima Tandem Stroller – Berkeley (Baby Product)
    Like anyone who buys a double stroller, I got this to accommodate my growing family. The thing I’m afraid of with double strollers is maneuverability and the ability to fit into a trunk of a vehicle. We’re used to a single stroller, and sometimes when I’m shopping with my wife (and pushing the single stroller) it’s hard enough to weave in and out of crowds and maneuver through tightly packed stores. Not to mention being able to get it into the car to begin with as well as fit the groceries in as well without smashing the bread and eggs.

    But to my surprise, this stroller is very easy to maneuver. We had a Joovy Caboose sit and stand stroller because it was smaller and lighter. We got rid of because my daughter fell off of it and I stepped on her (not something I’d like to experience again), and we decided that sit and stand was not right for us. We weren’t looking forward to getting a stroller that had 2 actual seats since they are always bigger, bulkier, and heavier. But to our surprise this stroller is actually easier to maneuver than the shorter, lighter Joovy sit and stand stroller. It really actually feels lighter when you’re pushing it around (though heavier when you are loading and unloading into your car). And though it is bigger, when folded up it really doesn’t take up too incredibly much more room so as to be a deal breaker. I don’t like the fact that I can’t just fold-n-go (you have to take one of the seats off, fold up the stroller, and then tuck it into the back and strap it in), but hey, what do you expect for such a large item that is trying to be as compact as possible?

    I just feel like they thought of everything with this, to the removable security bars, plasticy foot rests (for easy cleaning with dirty shoes), larger over-head covers (that almost completely cover up my 2.5 year old from wind and rain), multiple sitting positions, stadium seating, lots of storage, and small handles (on ours, not sure if they are on all of them. I don’t see them on the picture of this Amazon add) attached to the handle bars on the sides so an older child can hold on if walking through a parking lot. Completely satisfied. If you want comfort for your kids as well as a good amount of storage as well as durability and options, you’re going to need something a bit bigger. This one is big, but it’s everything you could want in a stroller besides a built in coffee maker. And for that I am satisfied.


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  2. LilBear0420 Post author
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Wanted to hate it this stroller but fell in love with it!, May 8, 2014
    LilBear0420 (Midwest) –

    This review is from: Contours Optima Tandem Stroller – Berkeley (Baby Product)

    I wanted to hate this stroller because I really wanted the Baby Jogger City Select but it just wasn’t in the budget for us. I love my Contours Optima double stroller. I researched for literally months and months on what stroller to get. I was looking for something with the same functionality, durable and at half the price. This stroller fits the bill. When I went to BBB they suggested the Contours Options. So I tested out the Contours Options which was cheaper and a little lighter than the Optima. However, I really wanted cup holders for the kids and a parent one. I considered buying add ons for the Options but after comparing the add ons and the cost it just made more sense to me to get the Optima. Besides the cup holders and the weight, the other difference is the canopy is a little larger and to me it looked like the seat had more height than the Options. I have a very big 2 year old and part of our hesitation for buying a double stroller was that he would grow out of it too quickly. We currently have a Bob Revolution that he has plenty room to grow in but I needed the second seat for my infant who is now 3 months. (Kids are 22 months apart). I honestly think we have a couple of years of use out of this thing with both kids. The best part for me was that my son who doesn’t hate strollers but he’s not exactly a fan either. He typically wants to get out after 15-20 mins into the walk, but immediately after using this he didn’t want to get out. We took a stroll with both kids and then we returned home and after we got my daughter out my son cried as he wanted to go longer so I ended up taking another stride around the block. He literally didn’t want to get out of it. I am not sure if it’s because of the cup holder and belly bar (we have neither with our Bob stroller) or if he liked facing inwards at us. I never saw the point of belly bars since I always strap my kids in, but he loved holding onto the belly bar so I am sold on the belly bars now. So onto the Pro’s and Con’s…


    • In comparison to other strollers (ie. Baby Jogger City Select) that have the changing options this fits the bill (inward facing, outward facing, kids facing each other, etc.)…love the options..super easy to change out
    • Cup Holders for kids and parent tray come included
    • Belly Bars on both seats are included and padded
    • Universal car seat adapter included (fits my Chicco Key Fit fine)…I am use to ours snapping into the BOB since the adapter is made for the Chicco so of course our car seat isn’t going to “snap in” but buckle in so as long as you are expecting that than your are fine…we tested this feature on the Contours Option version since you can’t buy the Optima in the store
    • Husband was worried about the width and storing this in the garage but I found it folded up just as good as the BOB single stroller…I literally just folded up the Options and set it on top of our Bob Revolution with the Seats sitting on top…my husband was surprised to say the least….I haven’t put this in a car as I drive a brand new Explorer and I have lots of trunk room so I apologize I don’t know how it fits in smaller vehicles…I will have to try it in my Nissan and give an updated review.
    • Steering is easy…again, I wanted to hate this stroller and when I tested this out at BBB originally I was expecting this thing to be hard to steer but honestly, it steers great and very much impressed me given I typically push my BOB
    • Seat is larger than expected…definitely feel like my son has room for growth…he is 35” tall (and 31 lbs) and he easily has 6” above his head (I am totally guestimating).
    • Canopy is larger than the Options version which is nice for sunnier days or possibly rain but I mainly use it for shading the kids in the sun…also, has a peak a boo window. I haven’t used it much but it’s a nice option. I have it on my BOB and used it all the time when my son was facing outward…right now we mainly have the kids facing inwards since I am still using the infant adapter and my son likes facing me.
    • Appearance, so I can’t deny this one and this seems trivial to some but I love the look at this stroller and get lots of compliments. It’s a beautiful stroller and doesn’t look junky which again isn’t the main thing (functionality is always the most important) but it’s nice that this stroller does look nice and isn’t an eye sore.
    • Not hard to push as I imagined…again, I am 5’ 2” and I worried that pushing this thing up hills might be a pain but honestly it was no harder than our BOB, very impressed how it pushed with ease.
    • Cargo space…to me it has…

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  3. jcon517 Post author
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The Last Stroller We Will Own!, October 21, 2012

    This review is from: Contours Optima Tandem Stroller – Berkeley (Baby Product)
    To a certain extent, with a double stroller, you’re either jammed if you do, and jammed if you don’t. The double-wides struggle to fit through doorways, and front-and-back two-seaters can be tough to maneuver. But the Contours Optima really minimizes the pain with its user-friendly design, ample storage space and intuitive features.

    To start with, assembly on the Optima was an absolute cinch (and I am far from an engineer). As I took it out of the box, I started to have a quiet panic attack at the sheer number of parts strewn across my living room floor. But once construction began, I almost didn’t need the instructions. The frequent snaps and clicks reassured me that I was doing it the right way, and the only part I got stuck on was the silliest–the attaching of the storage basket. Even with that misstep, the thing was completely ready for action is less than 45 minutes.

    As we have a newborn and two year-old, I can only speak to one configuration of this stroller, which is the last (of four) we will surely own. It can be put in a variety of different positions, with the kids facing each other, both facing forward, one seat, two seats, etc. And the car seat attachment (included) is as simple as it folds out, you put your little bean’s seat on top. There is a safety strap if you are planning some off-roading, but the design is plenty safe without it.

    The stroller also has plenty of great plusses, including:

    * Detachable cup holders for the kids (which our two year-old loves), and two permanent ones for mom and dad.
    * Lots of great storage space underneath for diaper bags, purses, rain gear, groceries, etc.
    * Comfortable, non-slip grip and easy steering for one hand or two.
    * Sharp-looking design. I feel like I’m driving the Cadillac of strollers and heads are turning.
    * Folds up easily and quickly and doesn’t take up too much room in the foyer and the trunk. The seat(s) pop right off for storage purposes.
    * Freedom. Before we got this, we were rocking two strollers, and it was a nightmare. Now we take this thing everywhere; it’s like our second vehicle.
    * Flexibility. The design obviously allows for different configurations, but you can also put the feet down or up on the seats, which our son appreciates.
    * The little things. Wheel locks are easy to use and reliable. The wheels themselves are tough, with good tread. The rain covers are nice and effective.

    On the negative side, there’s nothing overwhelmingly bad about it! A couple very nitpicky things would be:

    * It is heavy. Even without the seats (which are really light), my wife can not carry this by herself; if it needs to go in the car or up the stairs, that is my job. And it is somewhat awkward to carry.
    * Every so often when you fold it up, the front wheels get in a weird position that prevents you from being able to put the locking device on–it’s just an inch or two short. But you merely have to extend the wheels back out and try again and that does the trick. This can also be avoided, as you learn more about it through use.
    * As is the nature of the beast, the thing is long. It takes some getting used to, because you can’t reach your hand out in front of it to open a door, e.g., while steering. I still prefer it to the double-wide, but it takes some getting used to.

    Overall, though, this stroller is much more than we expected or hoped for, and we love it. As I mentioned, this will definitely be the last stroller we own, which is a relief in and of itself. Having two kids is hard enough; you don’t need more trouble from your stroller.


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